First Sunday Hiking

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This weekend my family and I started a new activity. Every sunday we will go to a lake, mountain or trail to do some hiking. Today we went to the Lacamas Park, in Camas, WA. It has different trails, from 1.5 to 6 miles, so everybody can enjoy the lake, the trees and the cool views.

By Juan Luis Cornejo

Same topic, different styles…

'In Bed With Maradona' , one of the most interesting soccer blogs I found out there.

What are the characteristics that make a blog a good blog? Its design? Content? How fast they give you the news?

In my opinion, there has to be a balance on every aspect of a blog. There has to be good content, good art, and an overall good presentation.

I would like to start telling you that the main purposes of this blog is to get into the habit of blogging, something that is a “must” in the world of journalism nowadays, and to complete an assignment for my ‘Multimedia News’ class at Clark College. Mostly, I would post about Soccer, because of my passion for sports journalism.

These are the two blogs that I will be following the most: In Bed With Maradona (IBWM) and These two blogs are going to be my main (not the only ones) sources that I would be referring to.

IBWM  is a blog that grab my attention since I started looking for sites to follow.  When you type “soccer blogs” on Google, thousands of sites appeared, and I didn’t really know what to look for. But in the moment I found  IBWM , I knew it was going to be the chosen one.

Here are the reasons that make  IBWM a good soccer blog:

– They focus on worldwide events. Doesn’t matter from which continents, countries or leagues. You can find articles about something from African Soccer to a South American player profile. Is it a blog that would be interesting for any soccer fan around the world.

– They have different sections in their website that give a variety of topics and aspects of the sport. One of the sections that I thought was really unique was  ‘Subculture” , where they share pictures and some marketing or fashion related images or videos.

-They have a variety of writers. They give the opportunity for writers to express themselves on their blog. It has that sense of connecting with their audience and letting them be part of the site.

-The thing that I liked the most from this blog and one of the main reasons why I selected it, was because of its articles about former players, world cups from the past and interesting stories that make this sport the most popular in the world. They bring you back to those glorious moments in the history of soccer that still excite me. , the second blog, is more of an update of what’s going on in soccer (European mostly) in the present. The site is really simple, not a lot of work into the design, but sometimes that is what works the best, simplicity.

What I like about this site:

-They give you the day to day information about what is happing in European soccer.

-Sometimes they write opinion columns of what happened on the most important game of the week/day, giving the readers the opportunity to comment or start a dialogue or discussion about it.

-Its strongest quality is that they share videos. Sometimes is really hard to find the highlights of the game in youtube or in other places, but they place them right there, easy to watch, after reading the article.

These are two of the blogs that I will be referring to, but I will also visit other blogs or I will even give my own opinion of some topic that I feel is important at the moment.

Expect at least one soccer related post a week.

Keep it up with the blogging guys!


By Juan Luis Cornejo