Blogathon, Multimedia Class and Soccer…

Hello everyone! Today is the first day of the Wordcount Blogathon, which is a challenge  to post the 31 days of May, with the purpose of making the bloggers feel more confident and gain experience . This is the fifth edition of the annual event created by reporter and editor Michelle V. Rafter, but I just found out about it and will be my first year in the competition.

Since today is the first day, and I don’t really have an specific topic for this post, I would summarize what I would try to post in the following days:

  • For my Multimedia News class at Clark College, I need to interview a reporter, editor or photographer of a News Organization and ask them about their transition from print format to online and how technology is changing their jobs. I will be interviewing a photographer from a Mexican newspaper. (Should be fun!)
  • I also need to write a story about an event that has happened lately in my community. I will write about an event that just occur on campus about the “Kid Day”, a holiday that is celebrated in hispanic countries. I would try to add video, something that I have never try to post, would need to learn how.
  •  Finally, since my blog is intended to be about sports, I would post about ‘La Liga’, the spanish soccer league, which could have a champion this weekend, with two dates remaining till the end of the season.

Well there you go, hope you guys keep track of what I post. Any sport events you guys will like me to write about?

By Juan Luis Cornejo

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