As I have been really busy with my classes at Clark College and Blogathon, I haven’t been able to post my “Tracking 2 Blogs” assignment, so this would be me first review of two soccer blogs I found interesting. I will list the general pros and cons of both of them.

 In Bed With Maradona


  •  A fresh, innovative design.
  •  Multiple sections with different aspects of soccer.
  •  Opportunity for journalists and soccer lovers to show their talent and get publish.
  •  Different way of seeing soccer: Focus on stories that no other blog publishes.
  •  Uses different multimedia tools (video, twitter, facebook).


  •  Sometimes hard to find specific stories.


  •  Easy way to get reviews of the latest most important soccer games in Europe.
  •  Videos of games’ highlights (something really hard to find in YouTube sometimes).
  •  Simple design, chronological order, makes it easy for readers to find articles.
  •  Addresses just soccer issues that are well known by soccer fans


  •  Is not updated regularly (sometimes they go 3 days with out posting)

Next time guys I will go into more specific details, focusing of what they are doing or not doing at that specific moment.

Tracking 2 Blogs

By Juan Luis Cornejo

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