“Tracking the Professionals” #2

For my second assignment of “Tracking the Professionals”, I interviewed a Video Journalist for the same online newspaper that I did for my first interview, AlCalorPolitico.com.


Alejandra Dominguez has been working for the newspaper for about 2 years now. After finishing her Communication Studies Bachelors one year before, Dominguez decided to go to her hometown and found in AlCalorPolitico.com, an opportunity to work in the area that she found the most interesting, video.


“Since I decided to study Communication Studies, I was interested on Journalism, and saw that the area of innovation in the field was video, I decided to start covering news through images, because I think is something new, that would be the future of online journalism.”


After asking her why was important to have videos in online newspapers if there was already the television, she said that people that are in the online world probably don’t watch the TV. “Videos are another form of giving news, where people feel in the moment, in that place of an important event. The reader can go to the video to live that moment closer,” Dominguez said.


While comparing videos online and videos on television, Dominguez said that in the online world, “there is not a time restriction, and you can give some details that time on TV doesn’t let you. But even though you have no time restriction, you have to make sure that they are not to long that they could bored your audience.”


Another advantage that she sees on videos online over the television ones is that they don’t have an specific schedule, and the videos online are saved and can be watched any other day.


Dominguez doesn’t think that videos will substitute written articles, but said that there will be more events coverage on video, and that written articles will be accompanied by small clips that could summarize the main points.


“The photographs can’t be replaced, to make a video you need a lot of moving images and in the other hand, you can cover the whole information with one shot,” Dominguez said.


Dominguez said that to make a good video, “the journalist needs to focus on the environment, the people, and you don’t have to mention them, with simply seeing them is enough.”


To know more about the work of Dominguez you can click here to see her videos (The content is in Spanish)

By Juan Luis Cornejo

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