Tracking the Professionals #3

For my last “Tracking the Professionals” assignment, I decided to go to the top of the organization, and I interviewed Ylia Ortiz, the Editor-in-Chief of the mexican online newspaper, Al Calor Politico.

Ortiz started working since the foundation of the site, which after 8 years, has become the most visited online newspaper in the state, getting more than 100,000 hits everyday.

But how does this idea started in 2004? Well, Ortiz said everything started when Joaquin Rosas, columnist and founder of the site, decided to make his blog into an online newspaper, after seeing that people were starting to comment about his internet personal blog.

“It was not easy at the beginning, there were not social networks and people was used to chat on the internet, they didn’t read online newspapers,” Ortiz said.

 After working for several print newspapers in the past, Ortiz thinks that the biggest difference between an online versus a print version is the deadline mark. Ortiz explained that the job that has to be done is pretty much the same thing, but in the online version you have to post as soon as possible because you already have the readers waiting for the information.

 “In the print newspapers the process is slower, you can have the story an hour before the paper is printed that night, so in a certain way it gives you a little bit more of flexibility,” Ortiz said.

 Ortiz stated that an online version has all the advantages over a print one, because the consumer doesn’t need to wait until the next morning to get their news, you can add multimedia elements to stories and videos that could make it stronger, highlighting the communication that you can stablish with your audience.

 “The interaction with your audience allows this feed-back mechanism because of the quickness of the information, something that you couldn’t get on a print version, the only thing you can compare it to could be the letters to the editor, a really slow process.”

Ortiz mentioned that one of the keys that have made the newspaper as succesful has been the space for the citizens reports, who can share their thoughts and opinions, making them feel that they are part of the organization.

By Juan Luis Cornejo

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