Blogathon 2012, day 9

Sometimes it is really hard to find time to post about something interesting. A lot of homework and stuff I need to work on. Sorry guys!

By Juan Luis Cornejo

Open Journalism

British online newspaper, The Guardian, uploaded this commercial to YouTube on February, but I just found it. I think it reflects what journalism in the present. So many ways and aspects you can cover from an event, which make the story richer and more interesting to your audience. You got to be able to use the multimedia tools that technology offers journalism nowadays.

By Juan Luis Cornejo

Tracking the Professionals #1

Luis Barrón is a photojournalist that has been working for more than 5 years for an online newspaper in Veracruz, Mexico. Al Calor Político, didn’t have to make a transition from the print version to the online version. Since it started working as an online state newspaper 8 years ago, it has been able to grow more than any other newspaper in the state, reaching an average of 100,000 visits to their website a day.

Barrón said that working for an online news organization has more pros than cons. “What I like about online news organizations is how easy and efficient is to get to your audience. It also gives me the opportunity to enrich my work with the recompilation of new data and images that allow us to give the audience a better perspective and vision.”

He said that he has been taken advantage of multimedia sources by uploading his work to Facebook, where he has been able to create a social networking of colleagues and news organization.

“Uploading my pictures to Facebook is a great idea because I am able to show part of my work that could create interest on other news agencies or individuals,” Barrón said.

At the beginning, he worked as a photographer regarding local news and events, but then he was moved to be a correspondent for the newspaper in the capital of the country, Mexico City. He chooses what to shoot by thinking of what event or news in Mexico City could be interesting for viewers that live mainly in the state of Veracruz. Barrón said that some cultural, political and sports events happening in Mexico City are important for all the country.

He said that there is not a big difference in taking pictures for a print newspapers than an online one. “Photojournalism is dynamic, it has to have informative content, in both cases (print and online) what counts is the quality of the photo in order to be publish.”

If he needed to find a difference, Barrón will said that in online newspapers you have relatively, unlimited space, giving him the advantage to publish more than one picture.

He feels that in order to succeed and being the best at his job is not only about having the latest in technology or the best lens and equipment,  Barrón thinks that “the creator’s information and creativity is the clue to make it to the top.”

A photography of Michael Jackson’s skull, made in miniature by Mexican craftsmen during the “Day of the Dead” celebrations in November of 2010, is one of the pictures that he feels the proudest, as it was publish by a newspaper in England.

By Juan Luis Cornejo

Don’t miss the “Super Moon” Saturday May 5

This Saturday we will be able one of the biggest and brightest moon that we see during the year. This super moon is caused because the full moon coincides with the perigee, which is the closest point to the earth. Here in the west coast of the United States, we will be able to see this amazing moon that happens to appears once a year, at 10:32 p.m.

Look up to the sky this saturday and enjoy the beautiful view that the moon is going to give us. I will try to post some pictures tomorrow night.

By Juan Luis Cornejo

What a goal!

Papiss Cissé , Newcastle’s striker, scored one of the most amazing goals I have seen in a while. It will be competing for the best goal of the year for sure.

By Juan Luis Cornejo


I have a speech for my public speaking class that I will be presenting tomorrow. I didn’t think blogging everyday was going to be hard! I’ll try to post something real tomorrow!

By Juan Luis Cornejo

Blogathon, Multimedia Class and Soccer…

Hello everyone! Today is the first day of the Wordcount Blogathon, which is a challenge  to post the 31 days of May, with the purpose of making the bloggers feel more confident and gain experience . This is the fifth edition of the annual event created by reporter and editor Michelle V. Rafter, but I just found out about it and will be my first year in the competition.

Since today is the first day, and I don’t really have an specific topic for this post, I would summarize what I would try to post in the following days:

  • For my Multimedia News class at Clark College, I need to interview a reporter, editor or photographer of a News Organization and ask them about their transition from print format to online and how technology is changing their jobs. I will be interviewing a photographer from a Mexican newspaper. (Should be fun!)
  • I also need to write a story about an event that has happened lately in my community. I will write about an event that just occur on campus about the “Kid Day”, a holiday that is celebrated in hispanic countries. I would try to add video, something that I have never try to post, would need to learn how.
  •  Finally, since my blog is intended to be about sports, I would post about ‘La Liga’, the spanish soccer league, which could have a champion this weekend, with two dates remaining till the end of the season.

Well there you go, hope you guys keep track of what I post. Any sport events you guys will like me to write about?

By Juan Luis Cornejo

First Sunday Hiking

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This weekend my family and I started a new activity. Every sunday we will go to a lake, mountain or trail to do some hiking. Today we went to the Lacamas Park, in Camas, WA. It has different trails, from 1.5 to 6 miles, so everybody can enjoy the lake, the trees and the cool views.

By Juan Luis Cornejo